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Compression Solutions by Varodem

Varocare (self-)adjustable compression device

Innovation and compression combined together.

Varodem brings a complete range of innovative compression tools under the name Varocare. Varocare stands for compression aids, which can be used in almost all forms of edema on hands and arms, feet and legs.


  • Evidence based
  • Practice based
  • Efficient and effective
  • Cost saving
  • User friendly

Special note: Varocare ACS can be used individually in segments but can also be combined. Available in beige or black.

Curetex compressive solutions

Enjoy Curetex our midline compression garments.

Our high-quality Curetex compression solutions are specifically aimed at treating midline edema. By midline edema we mean edema along the middle axis of the human body. Examples are edema of the head, neck, thorax, abdomen, lower abdomen and genital edema.

The traditional Solution for treating oedema

Varodem Eurostar can be used for most therapeutic needs. This stocking has an optimal length elasticity and is durable as well as comfortable. The stocking is suitable for patients with an active lifestyle and for the compression therapy of children. Eurostar Sense 2 and Euroform 3 Sense were specifically designed for lipoedema and/or lymphoedema.

TinkFit seamless compression

Enjoy the TinkFit effect for seamless compression.

TinkFit Multi-stretch compression bandages have been specially developed to treat body edema. Thanks to the innovative technology, these seamless compression garments can be used. The soft 3-dimensional knitted fabric conforms perfectly to anatomical features and produces a well-defined pressure gradient. The innovative, seamless knitted fabric is breathable and provides a pleasant skin climate. Strong and smooth, it guarantees an especially high wearing comfort while being easy to put on and take off.

TinkFit body dressings ensure optimum application of compression to the affected parts of the body in the FT region (upper leg-groin-lower abdomen) and CT trajectory (knee-groin-lower abdomen).

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