Compression garments


Compression therapy

Compression therapy is one of the corner stones in the treatment of venous deseases and oedema disorders.
This compression is acheaved through the use of (self-)adjustable compression devices, medical compression stockings and/or body covering compression garments. These products are specially designed to support and increase over all circulation in both your veins and lymphatic system.

Compression garments

Medical compression garments are the cornerstone of medical compression treatment. Since 1965 Varodem puts the customer of its compression garments in the center of its activities, hence our slogan “All about people“! 

Either seamless or with seams, our versatile knitted fabrics provide an effective compression, optimal support and, trough a high wearability, a high patient compliance. 

Constantly we are developing  and improving our products. Our large selection of medical compression  stockings  and a wide variety of other medical products is exemplary and assists patients with lymphoedema, lipoedema, varicose veins, thrombosis, as a preventive and during daily duties and sports activities.

Spider veins, varicose veins and thromboses are very common and can have various different causes. Genetic predisposition, hormonal changes or age-related weakness of the connective tissue are contributing factors. Other factors such as being overweight, smoking or a sedentary lifestyle are preventable. You can actively influence the risks.

Oedemas are visible and palpable swellings that can appear due to various illnesses, after surgery or sustaining an injury. Oedemas develop due to an increased accumulation of fluid or fat cells in the tissues. Lipoedemas are typically located in the leg and/or arm area, distributed symmetrically, pressure-sensitive and can be very painful. Lymphoedemas can also affect the face, neck, thorax and genital areas. Deposits are typically distributed asymmetrically.

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