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We at Varodem are passionate about people. Developing and provinding medical aids that accompany patients during their therapy from start to finish is our mission. Our compression garments and (self-)adjustable compression devices are made with the latest technology and offer patients custom solutions for any requirement.

Hence our slogan:


All about people!

Varodem’s History


The company is founded by Mr. Pieter de Klerk and Mr. Odilon Coppens at the community of Saint-Léger, in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. This unique combination of Mr. de Klerk’s commercial talent and Mr. Coppens’ technical talent laid down the foundation that made Varodem into the succesful company it is today.


With the employment of mr. René de Klerk, and the subsequent takeover of all commercial activities, Varodem’s focus will be more on practice. Under the leadership of Mr. de Klerk jr. Varodem grows into the ‘solutions’ company.


The Varodem team is further expanded. Mr. Mark Minderhout takes on the role of marketing manager and gradually introduces the necessary structure in product lines, markets and patients.


Varodem becomes part of the global JUZO network. With more than 100 years of experience, Juzo is one of the leading manufacturers in the medical field and produces knitted fabrics for professional medical applications in the most modern factories – also for Varodem- www.juzo.de


With the introduction of a modern quality management system, Varodem obtains the 9001 – 2000 ISO certificate.


In 2015 Varodem celebrates its 50th birthday – 50 years of products for compression therapy.

Varodem The compression company

The Varodem Logo

The name Varodem is a contraction of the words Varices and Oedema.

The logo is styled in such a way that compression therapy is symbolized by the circular connection between the letters R and D.

The color of the Varodem logo is dark blue. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea and is often associated with depth and stability. Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven. Blue is considered benificial to the mind and body. It is said to slow human metabolism and produces a calming effect.